Three-layered Quilts

Babies might not need lots of bedding in their crib but when they become toddlers you will have to start buying beddings like Three-layered Quilts, blankets, pillows, and more stuffed animals. In some situations, parents can turn the nursery into a bedroom for the toddler, and in other situations, they move into another room, maybe with a sibling or sibling or alone. Either way parents and guardians have to set up a toddler bedroom and help them with the transition from crib to bed.

More than a Room

Three-layered Quilts

Even though the main purpose of the room is sleeping a night, parents should treat it as more than just a room and let that factor into its set up. Parents should plan out the room so it can have enough storage space, play area, and even a desk for homework and craft activities. Setting up a space that has all this will make the child feel more inclined to spend time in there and start to feel more comfortable with the transition. You can ask the child for some input like asking their favorite color and painting a wall in the color or getting a wallpaper with their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

Get the Right Bedding: Three-layered Quilts

Three-layered Quilts

For a single bed size, you will need the right size sheets, pillowcases, Three-layered Quilts, or duvet. The baby blanket you got from the hospital will not do anymore so you’ll have to get new beddings and soft blankets for your toddler.

Think Ahead

How to Transition a Baby Nursery into a Toddler RoomKeep in mind that kids grow very quickly and as they grow so will their tastes and preferences. As a matter of fact, the toddler age is where they will change their minds about what they like and don’t like as often as possible. So when setting up their room, try not to make anything too permanent. It will also help so when the kid grows you can adjust the room accordingly like getting a bigger bed, bigger desk etc. That way the room can serve your child for many years.

Do not get overly permanent or expensive furniture as you will probably need to change them after a few years when your kid gets taller and bigger. You can get dressers that are more permanent but make sure they are in a neutral color and style and that way they can be used for years and years. For beds, getting a small bed (single) or bunk beds (with rails) is a good idea for toddlers and then you can get a bigger bed for them.

Include them in the Process

How to Transition a Baby Nursery into a Toddler RoomAs mentioned briefly it helps toddler acclimatize quicker into their new room if they are included in the planning process. Depending on the toddler’s age you might not be able to take a lot of their input but little things like including their favorite color in the design, taking them with you when you shop for supplies for their new room. This will increase their anticipation and their level of comfort and familiarity when they eventually move to the new room.

If the kid is older you can include them in more ways in the process like having them pick out the furniture or even help with painting the room. When you include them, picking out the right colors, designs and decorations for the room can be a good bonding process for both parties.

Make Room for Storage

How to Transition a Baby Nursery into a Toddler Room

Having sufficient storage space is something that’s usually overlooked or forgotten about. When setting up a toddler bedroom make sure that there is sufficient storage space for the kids’ current clothes and their new clothes. Remember they are not babies anymore and they will need more items like more shoes, bogger jackets, school clothes and shoes and they will need to have their own blankets and Three-layered Quilts for example.

Make sure there is sufficient space for storage like getting a dresser, making space for storage under the bed by getting tubs that fit underneath etc. Get creative. You can also set up storage in a way that will help your toddler develop their organizational skill and this will help them learn to clean their room. Get tubs for the toys and label or color coordinate them so your toddler can pick up their toys and legos and put them in the right place.


How to Transition a Baby Nursery into a Toddler Room

Transitioning from nursery to bedroom is a great time to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items. Take time out to sort all your babies items and make three piles. One pile for “keeps” one for “giving away” and one for “maybe. This will help you make sure the new room is not filled with clutter.

Keep Everything at Toddler Height

How to Transition a Baby Nursery into a Toddler RoomRemember you are not designing the room for yourself so try to make everything accessible to your toddler but keeping it at their height level. So get toddler-sized chairs and desks, and if there’s anything you don’t want them to reach easily, you can keep it at a higher level or not in the room at all. Putting things at their height level where they can access it will also increase their confidence and independence. You can also keep things in baskets on the floor like their books and their toys if you don’t want to build or buy miniature sized furniture.

Get a Litter Basket

How to Transition a Baby Nursery into a Toddler Room

Don’t forget to get a little basket for your toddler room. This will teach them how to clean up after themselves and will also save you the hassle of having to pick up tons of trash when you clean their room. Getting a wastebasket might be something that’ll skip your mind because you’re used to using the diaper waste pan when the toddler bedroom was a nursery.